Sex Stories : What's your ultimate sexual fantasies?

user photo Everyone has at least one sex fantasy. Some people like being tied up, some like being spanked, some want to have sex with strangers. The amount of sexual fantasies are endless!

What are your ultimate sexual fantasies?

Quick Definition: A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy, is a mental image or pattern of thought that stirs a person's sexuality and can create or enhance sexual arousal. A sexual fantasy resides entirely in a person's mind and can be created by the person's imagination, mental recollection or thought.
Posted by AdultFun 09/11/2012 02:22 AM 76 Comments
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Comments (76)

jakelove is offlinejakelove

Gisborne man, 21 years old 6ft green eyes black hair muscular/solid build fair maori most of all honest and clean any woman in Gisborne interesTed in some fun !
01/12/2016 12:39 PM Top

traveller is offlinetraveller

I would love to fuck a woman (or women) from China/Japan (or any Asian country). Also woman (or women) from Somali or similar country. The darker the skin the better.

23/11/2016 01:51 AM Top

deepthroati is offlinedeepthroati

Mine is being blindfolded and led into a motel room by my FB , him pinning me up against a wall holding my arms above my head kissing me ,when I suddenly feel a hand slide up my leg , rubbing my wet pussy through my panties , moving my panties to the side and me feeling this persons fingers enter me with such force it takes my breath away , this person rubbing all my pussy juice all over my clit . Feeling a warm mouth licking my pussy all while my FB is still kissing me , then leading me to the bed where he tells me to bend over ,as I bend over he thrusts into me forcefully and I feel a cock on my lips so I open my mouth to take this cock that starts fucking my throat really hard making me gag really hard and as I gag my pussy goes tiight around my FB cock , chocking every last drop of his cum . While my throat is still being fucked I can feel a hand on my pussy , stroking it and fingering it . I feel a warm sensation in my throat , and  then the cocks back in my throat coming deep in my throat . Suddenly I hear a woman moaning with pleasure , I feel a soft hand pulling my hand towards them and it's placed on a breast , the cock I've just sucked takes off my blind fold and I'm greeted with a beautiful woman lying in her back with her legs spread wide open and my FB is buried in her pussy , I start kissing her and sucking on her boobs while the other guy has his fun on me from behind ...... I need to taste her so I move in and start licking her , fingering her while she is sucking my FB cock and I'm having my pussy pounded hard and fast from behind .
19/11/2016 06:56 AM Top

homer is offlinehomer

Public sex, three some, water sports,glory hole,
28/08/2016 03:39 AM Top

sexyfuncouple is offlinesexyfuncouple

Mines suddenly being in a room full of naked women because we are locked inside and nobody can get out for several hours (time lock).....they are all shocked that I am the only man in there and quickly cover up their boobs and pussy... but they have no control over me and i suggest i get naked to be fair, then as time goes by and after some chit chat they start to uncover their bodies and let me see their boobs, ass and pussy, they realise nothing is going to change so they each watch me sitting naked next to their group and a few of them cannot resist and begin to get more and more horny until all of them are busy rubbing their pussies in front of me.  they see i have a huge cock while watching all of this and they just all go for me and attack me like the sex crazed little horny bitches they really are, each are fighting each other to get a turn to jump on top of my dick and ride it like a wild horse. one by one they each enjoy squatting on my face and i lick at their clits wildly, they are all so jealous none of them can stay on top of me for long before another one demands to get some action... my cock stays rock hard for hours and I pleasure dozens of pussies over many hours... afterwards they get their clothes on again and the door time unlocks and we all leave like nothing ever happened....
01/08/2016 10:04 PM Top

mitressdomina is offlinemitressdomina

I am seeking a new slave
Try to read my profile and pm me if you are interested
08/07/2016 08:31 AM Top

bradox87 is offlinebradox87

Any guys who would love to chat Kik me. Love curious guys ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰
07/07/2016 01:25 AM Top

etrigan75 is offlineetrigan75

Meeting a hot Asian lady stranger in the corner of a dark car park, I open the back door of my car and she slides in. We don't speak, I eat her pussy while she sucks my cock, we fuck we cum together, she gets out and get back into her car saying nothing and drives away.
29/06/2016 06:13 AM Top

sscc is offlinesscc

I've always want a three sum with a couple.
28/06/2016 09:40 PM Top

bigdog2447 is offlinebigdog2447

Hi there. Im new to this but I'm into experimentation and want to try everything possible ;o
28/06/2016 05:36 AM Top

lovelove365 is offlinelovelove365

Never had a threesome sad looking for one grin
28/05/2016 01:58 PM Top

love2eatu is offlinelove2eatu

Fucking my exs twin sisters while she watchs I've already fucked my exs cunt and stuffed my cock into  her other sisters mouth n let her clean her sister off the ex watched me walk over to her little 17 year old sister n pop it in her gob. I knew she wanted a close up I seen her watch me fuck the ex. After she cleaned my cock I told her to stand up n I just started rubbing her smooth puss I removed her pajama pants my ex said are you going to put it inside my little sister I told her to come over to us n kneel in front of me she did exactly that I could see the ex getting horn of this I told her to spit on the tip of my swollen  cock which was way to big for her Lil sis then I bent her Lil sis over so we could see he tiny cunt made the ex spit on her Lil sisters hole and grab my shaft and rub it over the Lil teens cunt my ex just went to super filthy n started forcing my thick cock in her sisters hole. So yeah I wanna make ex watch me smash her twin sisters cunts now that'll be all 4 sisters the twins are way hotter
21/05/2016 07:19 PM Top