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View a member profileFREE MEMBERSCan only view 2 profiles per min
Search/browse/latest/most commented on photo feature. FREE MEMBERS are limited to viewing only 4 photos every 5 mins
Read messages
Write messages  FREE MEMBERS Can only write 2 message every 2 mins
Read flirts
SEND FLIRTS - free members are limited to 3 flirts per hour
Upload photos
Post comments on photos, profiles, blogs
Read blogs
Write own blogs
View a single photo with a bigger size and photo comments
Add/Edit/Delete personal mail folders
Use the saved responses featureFREE MEMBERSCan only use this feature once per day
Use the basic search forms to search for other members?
ADVANCED SEARCH Free members are limited to 4 searches per 15 mins
Add/remove members in your networks?
Save personal searches?
See the list of messages in inbox or other folders
Search/browse/latest/most commented on blog feature
Send messages to administrator using the contact form?
Reply to messages
Reply to flirts
PAGE - Swingers guide
Old chatroom level code
Upload videos
Watch videos
Allow to search/browse, see the latest/most popular videos
Video home page
View the webcams
Member viewing chatroom
Membes home page
Access their profile
User editing their profile
The main Blog Page
Lost Password Form
TOS Page
Privacy Statement Page
About Us Page
Frequently Asked Questions Page
View My Settings Page
DatingTips Page
Registration Page
Main Index Page
Blog Rules Page
PAGE - Donations
Photos Home Page
Webcams & Chatrooms home pag
SEARCH - Whos Online
SEARCH - Latest Members
SEARCH - By username
SEARCH - Female escorts (quick search link)
PHOTOS - Latest photos search
PHOTOS - Most viewed search
PHOTOS - Search most rated photos
PHOTOS - Search most commented photos
BLOGS - Latest
BLOGS - Most viewed
BLOGS - Most Rated
BLOGS - Most commented
BLOGS - User keyword search
VIDEOS - Latest video search
VIDEOS - Most viewed search
VIDEOS - Most commented video search
VIDEOS - Most rated videos search

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