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Comments (19)

whk1 is offlinewhk1

Lovely Boobs
18/01/2016 12:41 PM Top

bearing1980 is offlinebearing1980

Very sexy xx
21/08/2014 04:21 AM Top

75hearse is offline75hearse

Nice tits can I see morre
08/05/2014 07:27 AM Top

sexguy is offlinesexguy

23/05/2013 02:00 PM Top

maberfarmer is offlinemaberfarmer

lovely tits love to get too met them
19/02/2012 12:22 PM Top

holdenbob is offlineholdenbob

very sexy
05/09/2011 06:25 PM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

are you johntyt ...sorry haven't been online lately will talk to you all soon
02/10/2008 01:52 PM Top

johntyt is offlinejohntyt

I am an expert baby oil applicator
01/10/2008 12:42 PM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

thanks boe xxx hey brian in ya dreams i dont often meet people for coffees
25/09/2008 11:21 AM Top

brian007 is offlinebrian007

Love a veiw like that when we meet for coffee
16/09/2008 05:01 PM Top

brian007 is offlinebrian007

Havent found the close up yet
08/09/2008 04:51 PM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

Thanks brian there is one about of a close up
17/08/2008 02:25 PM Top

brian007 is offlinebrian007

Fantastic breasts
Would certainly enjoy seeing them up close
16/08/2008 11:30 AM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

nice rub of baby oil goes well on them tongue
07/08/2008 03:44 PM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

have added a couple of ya as a friend so ya can see some more tongue
31/07/2008 04:05 PM Top

pittafall is offlinepittafall

hi very nice shot of your breasts like to see more pics please
27/07/2008 07:59 PM Top

bigdipper is offlinebigdipper

what a nice set of hooters to play with
27/07/2008 03:07 PM Top

mrsjandie is offlinemrsjandie

tongue cheers tongue
23/07/2008 03:31 PM Top

hooties is offlinehooties

nice boobies
22/07/2008 07:01 PM Top